About Us

JAM dj systems is a mobile entertainment company, started in 1987, dedicated to providing a professional sound and light show experience for your wedding, birthday, town celebration, or anywhere you need to enhance your event.


About Harley Olsthoorn:

Harley Olsthoorn, owner and operator of JAM dj systems started collecting records at the age of 5 and imitating favorite radio DJ personalities like Casey Kasem, Wolfman Jack, and Don LaFontaine. Harley learned the essence of a good sounding stereo and backgrounds in music history and culture. Practicing on a microphone and performing in front of a crowd became second nature in high school, and computer courses taken would later be essential to his company. Earning a degree in business in college, he studied all necessary classes used to start his own business. Sound editing, graphic design, acoustical physics, and public speaking laid the foundation for a solid start for JAM dj systems in 1987.

Harley worked briefly as a local radio personality, but knew that the fun was in the music and not the commercials and weather reports. Harley paid close attention to his competition and all the things that pleased or upset the attendants at their performances. He noted that undistorted sound played at comfortable levels made it the most fun and enjoyable. He saw DJ companies send their inexperienced road crew to do the talking and choose music. He realized his reputation rested in his own hands. He saw the importance of a couple’s special wedding day or a school’s planned prom and knew how to make it as fun and memorable as possible with the right music, light effects, and just enough talking to get the crowd motivated. Going mobile to adapt music to wherever needed became his focus.

Reliability, quality, fun; these are the testimonials given by thousands of satisfied customers and attendants over the past 30 years. Everyone leaves with a song and an experience well remembered and enjoyed.

“I’ve played a couple’s wedding, their parent’s 75th anniversary, their daughter’s prom, their company Christmas party, and even their personal backyard bar-b-que. Music makes the event special. This is what I wanted to do for a living; have a part in people’s emotions, memories, and futures – with the music I play.” – Harley Olsthoorn

Some of Harley’s hobbies include collecting music, video games, and twist puzzles. He has even designed some puzzles here: Harley’s Puzzles